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As Group Leader, I act as co-ordinator of the Sea Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Venture Scouts and Parents' Committee.
My name is: Brian Meyer, Esker, 42B Barnhill Road, Dalkey.
Mobile: (086) 669 6812.
E-mail: brianmeyer@eircom.net

The Troop is flourishing at present with some 40 members (boys and girls aged 11-16) under the leadership of James Martin.
We also have a Cub Pack (8-11) led by Padraig O hIceadha,
A Beaver Team (6-8) led by Tiggy Hudson,
A Venture Unit (15-19) led by Simon Hall.
We have two ketch-rigged rowing/sailing boats 'Sea Wolf' and 'Shearwater' moored in Bulloch, as well as Mirror dinghies and a fleet of kayaks and playboats, which we trail down to Bulloch on activity days. Activity afloat starts in late May and continues until September. Over the rest of the year there is some canoeing, but also a greater emphasis on activities ashore - hiking, orienteering, hostelling and camping.
We are planning a number of special events to mark our 50th Anniversary in 2006, including a re-union of past members, a special weekend camp, and the Sea Scouts and Ventures will be travelling to the Netherlands to participate in Nawaka, an international Sea Scout Jamboree for over 5,000 participants.
Our Troop is known as the 41st Dublin (St. Patrick's, Dalkey) and also the 3rd Port of Dublin. A Sea Scout Troop had existed in Dalkey for many years from the 1920's to the late 1940's, also known as the 3rd Port, with a distinguished record of successes in Sea Scout competitions. We would like to compile the history from those early years, and so would be glad to hear from any past 3rd Port Sea Scouts. If you can help you might please contact the above-signed.

The current Troop was formed in 1956, and so celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. Thankfully we have fairly complete records with copies of nearly all the logbooks and members' names over those 50 years. The first meeting took place on Friday 4th May in St. Patrick's Hall on the initiative of the late Canon Desmond Murray. He had served as a naval chaplain and was interested in offering Scouting with a nautical flavour to young people (only boys in those days) in the Dalkey area. He was the first Sea Scout Leader, with a group of six boys.
Towards the end of that year he persuaded the late Michael Stopford to become involved, and he took over as 'Skipper' as the leader was known. Michael was well known in maritime circles and in the Dalkey area, and he brought many boating skills to the Troop in the early years at Bulloch Harbour.


If you were ever a member of the Dalkey Sea Scouts please send us your postal and e-mail addresses so that we may contact you with full details of this year’s special events.
We currently have waiting lists for new members in most age groups except Venture Scouts. If you can help as a leader or supporter, please let us know as we can always use more adult helpers.

Brian Meyer, Esker, 42B Barnhill Road, Dalkey.
Mobile: (086) 669 6812.
E-mail: brianmeyer@eircom.net