Dalkey Community Council (est.1973)
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Executive Committee Members

From left to right: Gerard Coakley (Newsletter Editor); Ann Perry (Assistant Editor & Secretary);
Susan McDonnell (Chairperson);); Liam Heagney; Danny Merity (Distribution);
Eileen White; Martine Lavery; Elaine Feely; Helena Feely; Rosaleen Callaghan; Richard Mooney.

Sub Committees

Chairperson & Planning
Newsletter Editor
Assistant Editor & Secretary

Tidy Towns
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Dr Susan McDonnell
Mr Gerard Coakley
Ann Perry

Ed. O'Neill
Danny Merity
Rosaleen Callaghan
Blaithin O'Brien
Gerard Coakley


Aims & Objectives of DCC

“The objects for which the Community Council is established are for charitable objects and purposes only and in particular: -

  1. To represent the residents, businesses, clubs and organisations of the Town of Dalkey that is the area of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown bounded on the North by Bulloch Harbour, the centre of Castlepark Road and Barnhill Road; and on the West by the centre of Killiney Road; and on the East by the centre of Dalkey Avenue as far north as the North Gate of Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, thence following the back boundary of the hotel and Holy Trinity Church to Victoria Gate, thence following the access road to the Victoria Obelisk and thence to the sea by way of the boundary wall of “Mount Eagle”.
  2. To increase community harmony and fellowship;
  3. To foster the well-being of all the inhabitants of Dalkey without distinction of any nature whatsoever;
  4. To foster facilities in the interest of social well-being, health, recreation and leisure.

    In furtherance of the above the Community Council will:-

    (a) consider, debate and form views and opinions on the members’ behalf in relation to facilities, amenities, work, buildings, land use and development in and adjoining Dalkey;

    (ii) represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions formed by the members arising from the aforesaid;

    (iii) protect, defend and improve the facilities and amenities of Dalkey;

    (iv) assert, hold and defend title on its own behalf or on behalf of the members in respect of amenities of the Town;

    (v) liase with statutory authorities in relation to proposed regulations, policies and decisions affecting Dalkey and surrounding areas;

    (vi) promote or oppose regulations, policies and decisions by local or central government or any other statutory agency affecting Dalkey;

    (vii) collect and circulate statistics, information, views and opinions of all kinds relevant to the members;

    (viii) enter into agreements with other associate bodies for the advancement or protection of the interest of the members;

    (ix) raise funds and help raise funds for the Community Council’s purposes;

    (x) borrow and raise money in such a manner as the Community Council sees fit;

    (b) To carry on any other activity of any description which may be capable of being advantageously carried on in connection with or ancillary to the objects of the Community Council or any of them.

    (c) To purchase, take on lease or in exchange , hire or otherwise acquire and hold for any estate or interest any lands, property, buildings, easements, rights, privileges, concessions, patents, patent rights, licences, secret processes, machinery, plant, stock-in-trade, and any real or personal property of any kind necessary or convenient for the purposes of or in connection with the Community Council’s activities.

    (d) To sell, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of the business, property, assets or undertaking of the Community Council or any part thereof for such consideration as the Community Council may think fit and to develop, repair, refurbish, improve, manage, exchange, licence, turn to account or otherwise deal with, all or any of the business, property, assets and undertaking of the Community Council.

    (e) To erect, construct, lay down, enlarge, alter and maintain any shops, stores, factories, buildings, works, plant and machinery necessary or convenient for the Community Council’s business, and to contribute to or subsidise the erection, construction and maintenance of any of the above.

    (f) To grant, convey or transfer or otherwise dispose of any property or assets of the Community Council of whatever nature or tenure for such price, consideration, sum or other return whether equal to or less than the market value thereof and whether by way of gift or otherwise as the Executive Members shall deem fit, and to grant any fee farm grant or lease in to any agreement for letting on hire of any such property or asset for a rent or return equal to or less than the market or rack rent therefore or at no rent and subject to or free from covenants and restrictions as the Executive Members shall deem appropriate.

    (g) To lend and advance money or give credit to any persons, corporations, firms or companies and in particular to customers of and others having dealings with the Community Council upon such terms as may seem expedient and to guarantee, become surety for, support or secure, whether by personal covenant or by mortgaging or charging all or any part of the undertaking, property and assets (present and future) and uncalled Capital of the Community Council, or by both such methods, the performance of the obligations of and the repayment or payment of the principal amounts of and premiums, interest and dividends on any securities of any person, firm or company.

    (h) To raise or borrow or secure the payment of money in such manner and on such terms as the
    Community Council may deem expedient and in particular by the issue of bonds, debentures, debenture stock, perpetual or redeemable, or by way of mortgage, charge, lien or pledge upon the whole or any part of the undertaking +++

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