NEWSLETTER NO. 324 Volume 10
Mean Fomhair(September) 2003

September: Latin for seven, was the seventh month of the Roman Calendar
Flower: Aster

Up from the meadows rich with corn
Clear in the cool September morn




The monthly meeting of the Dalkey Community Council was held on Monday, 28th July 2003.

It has been clarified that the green boxes next to the post boxes ( e.g. end of Hyde Road) do not need planning permission.

A clean-up of the DART Station was carried out on 15 July. Employees of the station and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Park's department tidied the station planters and the car park and then the clean-up continued to the car park at the back of SuperValu. The Tidy Towns Committee was invited (as were other committees throughout the country) to a Garden Party in Aras an Uachtarain. The President's speech is reproduced inside -Ed.

Lunchtime theatre and Bloomsday celebrations have both proved very popular. Please see inside -Ed

Garden Competition - results inside - Ed

Dalkey Avenue -Plans for the development of three three-storey townhouses could have an impact on houses in Kilbegnet Close. The Community Council is objecting to this planning application.
Retention: There have been a number of applications in respect of retention and the Community Council has submitted its observations in these cases.

Upper Glenageary Road: Although outside the Dalkey area, many of us travel this road and it was noted that the speed limit has been reduced from 40mph to 30mph. (You've been warned! -Ed).
Litter/Dumping: A resident was walking the Green Path up the Hill early one morning when he spotted a truck dumping garden waste over the wall on Vico Road. Unfortunately he could only ascertain part of the registration
(Kildare registration -2003 van) however he informed the Litter Warden in Dun Laoghaire but nothing could be done without the full registration number. We must all be vigilant and put a stop to this dumping. As there was no further business the meeting concluded.

Overalll Garden:

4 Hyde Park
'Spindrift' Saval Park Road
Front Garden:

18 White's Villas
St Aibyns, Sorrento Road
7 Hyde Road

13 White's Villas
57 Hillside
Lissadell, Saval Park Road
Communal/Open Space:

St. Patrick's Square
Killiney Towers
3 Rocklands
Surprise Garden:

5 Vico Road
39 Hyde Park
Woodacre, Hyde Road

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part and I know the judges found it very difficult to choose between all the gardens - ED


Further to our item in the August Newsletter the following in the OFFICIAL Dublin Bus time for the 7D

From Dalkey 0520v
Mon to Fri
Mon to Fri
Sat. Only
No Sunday Service
v = Via Donnybrook Garage
From O'Connell Street (Savoy Cinema) 1742 `Mon to Fri.
No Saturday or Sunday Service    

This is the OFFICIAL Dublin Bus Route:
Dalkey/Sandycove/Glasthule/Peoples Park/Glenageary Road Lower/Glenageary Road Upper/Kill Ave./ Kill Lane/Foxrock Church/Stillorgan Road/Donnybrook/Leeson Street/O'Connell Street/Parnell Square (Terminus)


The Dalkey MOW is located in Kilbegnet Close. The MOW (Meals-on-Wheels) by its very name needs to transport the meals by car to ensure all are delivered on time. However, this also means that the kitchen is open very early in the morning. Therefore it would very much be appreciated by the MOW and Kilbegnet residents that if you have been parking here and are not from the area, would you kindly park elsewhere, indeed you may not have realised up to now the need for keeping these parking spaces free. This problem is particularly evident early in the morning especially before the Church car park is open.


To Acknowledge The Work Of Communities involved in Tidy Towns Projects Throughout Ireland
at Áras An Uachtaeain -
Wednesday 16th July 2003

Dia dhibh a chairde.

You are all very welcome to Áras an Uachtarilin today -thank you for coming. I know that many of you have come long distances or have spent a long time travelling short distances -but however you got here, Martin and I are very glad you are here and we hope that you will enjoy the afternoon with us. The staff on the other hand aren't so enamoured about today's event. No -they have been a bit despondent of late and I eventually found out why. Having nearly 600 people involved in Tidy Towns coming to visit is a bit like having 600 mothers-in-law coming for the first time -no matter what you do, you're worried that the place won't look the way you want it to, that it won't be quite up to standard -the way it should be done! (Did you see the weeds, the roses had green-fly and as for the azalea -they must never see a bit of peat moss!)

Anyway, the staff have been working flat out trying to match the exacting standards you regularly set for yourselves and I believe they've done a great job. Maybe you would reassure them, settle their nerves by giving them a big round of applause. But today the real applause belongs to you the volunteers who have a vision for your home town or village and who make that vision happen -it is your commitment, your achievements we are celebrating today. The rest of us have much to be thankful for- for in almost every village and town on this island there are people who care very deeply, who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, people who want to showcase their village, their town at its absolute best for the enjoyment of everyone -local and visitor. This is the very essence of Tidy Towns. This is why every day of every month there are thousands of people the length and breadth of this country working hard to make their towns and villages the best they can be. They don't look for thanks or personal reward but they richly deserve our thanks and praise. They are the life-blood of the Tidy Towns Competition and it is they who have sustained and nourished it from its earliest days more than four decades ago with its modest aspirations to become the national movement it is today. Every year the standards get higher, the competition keener and we all benefit. Because of what you do, your village, town and our country are better places to live, more beautiful places to visit. Because of the way that you do it, you set a fine example for the next generation of what it means to have pride in and respect for your community. The more we can harness that sense of pride in community, in environment, the greater the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren. Today is my way of saying thank you for all that you do, year in, year out to make this island a better place to live on, a better place for our children to grow up in. I hope that you will enjoy the entertainment we have in store for you -I would like to thank the wonderfully talented Kylemore College Ensemble and the superb New Life Singers. I would also like to thank our MC Eugene Downes, Civil Defence staff John Gold and Josephine McGlinchey and last but by no means least the staff here at the Áras who work very hard (especially when the mother-in-law or her ilk are visiting) to make days like today pleasant for everyone. We have arranged for tours of the House in a little while which I hope you will find interesting. Most of all, I hope you will enjoy the afternoon and leave with some happy memories of your visit.

Go raibh maith agaib


Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre has received approval in principle from the Interreg ERDF programme for its application for funding in collaboration with Ynys Mon in Anglesey. This joint project aims to deliver a better understanding of cross-regional archaeology, culture and language through the provision of :

1. Archaeological Tours and Visits to key sites in the Dalkeyand Anglesey areas.

2. Cultural/Language Wdrkshops aimed at exploring Irish- Welsh language similarities and developing creative writing and composition

3 Artist Residencies using the archaeological and wildlife environment as an inspiration which will develop new opportunities for Welsh and Irish artists; including Exhibitions arid developmental projects.

Work on the proposal has taken over a year to bring to fruition. It was the only application to succeed in the culture/heritage category. Needless to say there is great rejoicing in the Centre over the success of the application.

Meanwhile, the July Lunchtime Theatre experiment caught the imagination of large numbers of local people and was an unprecedented success. Ena May, local writer, director and actor launched the season with her superb performance of her own work, The Red Sandals. This was followed by Imp Productions performing two beautifully written, sensitive Jennifer Johnston plays, Christine and High Noon. More accolades followed and the result of our questionnaire declared loudly that there is interest in the venture being continued. It is hoped to have a programme ready for October. Thyme Out in Dalkey (Tel 285 1999) generously sponsored the lunch and the food got very favourable reviews!

Heritage Week: The Centre is linking in with Deilg Inish, the new Theatrical Animation Company in Dalkey for Heritage Week .(7th -14th September). The performers of Deilg Inish will lead the audience through a storytelling journey through the ages, animating characters and stories from the rich heritage of Dalkey Island. Performances will take place daily on the island from Sat 6th -Sat 13th at 1.00pm. There will be two performances on Sunday 7th at 1.00 pm and 4.00pm. Cost to include the boat trip is €15. Booking essential. Contact Mags Geraghty at Deilg Inish 285 7802.

On Sunday 7th staff from the Heritage Centre will lead a Literary Walk leaving the Family Day sponsored by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council at Killiney Hill Park at 2.30pm to Sorrento Park. Admission is free but numbers on each walk are limited so book in advance to avoid disappointment at the Heritage Centre Tel 285 8366.

Art Exhibitions continue on Sept 25th- 28th with Zora Byrne (painter) and Jim Redington (sculptor) teeming up for a combined Exhibition entitled Emotion Recollected

The Body Sculpting classes on Monday evenings in the Green Room have been extremely popular. Cathy Soraghan, renowned personal trainer, has taken over from Jacqui Beirne. The classes are a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Dyna Band routines. Beginners at 6.45pm and Advanced at 8pm Cathy can be contacted at 086 8758744.

For information on any of the events above Tel 285 8366 or em ail



The Editor has received an inquiry with regard to the Dalkey Debating Society, does anyone know the history to the Society, is it still active? If you know anything about this Society we'd be delighted to hear from you, please drop a note to the Community Council post box in Our Lady's Hall.


Submission For Dalkey Area To Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

This submission has been drawn up in consultation with Dalkey Community Council, Dalkey Tidy Towns Committee, Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, and Dalkey Business Association.

Definition of Dalkey:

For the purpose of this submission, Dalkey is defined as the area surrounded by the following landmarks: from Bullock Harbour to Castlepark Rd, along Barnhill Rd to Killiney Towers. From there, along Killiney Rd to Killiney Castle and across Killiney Hill, north of the Obelisk down to White Rock and including Dalkey Island, and offshore islets.

There are several references to Dalkey in 1998 Development Plan, but no overall policy, indeed in the section Specific Local Objectives (Pg. 74) map 4, Dalkey is the only one of the 14 specified areas for which there is no stated policy objectives and is completely excluded and omitted. We believe that this is a serious omission in the present development plan with regard to Dalkey's special status as a Heritage Town, the only area so designated in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County.

We note that in the Draft Development Plan there appears to be only one objective of the Council in the section Specific Local Objectives-to prepare a special Amenity Area Order for Killiney Hill/Dalkey Hill. This Objective appeared in another section in the 1998 Development Plan but as yet has not materialised, seven years on from the original proposal. We would encourage the Council to act on this without delay.

Conservation Areas:
The Castle Street area, which is presently designated as a Conservation area consists of preserved structures next to less important buildings along the main street (of medieval origin,) of the town. The overall composition and juxtaposition contribute to its unique character and should be designated as an Architectural Conservation Area and an area of Special Planning Control. Any further developments should be assessed, in addition to the statuary planning requirements, by the Conservation Officer, County Architect, and the Heritage Officer.
We believe that the Coastal area, (from Bulloch Harbour to Coliemore Harbour, to Sorrento Point to White Rock, and inland from Bulloch Harbour, along Harbour Rd, and Convent Rd and along Sorrento Rd to Vico Rd and to White Rock) should be considered an Architectural Conservation Area, in addition to the adjacent area already classed as a Conservation Area. The Conservation Officer, County Architect and the Heritage Officer should assess any future development here.
The remainder of the parish of Dalkey consists of a collection of Victorian villas, larger homes, smaller quarry workers' cottages and former artisan dwellings forming an area of special architectural quality. We believe any further development in the area should be bought to the attention of the Conservation Officer and County Architect, and its impact on the streetscape/heritage of the area considered before any permission is granted. We welcome ihe statement in-ll.33.l Policy ACl : Architectural Conservation Areas in the Draft Development Plan that the Council will examine further areas in Dalkey for the designation of further Architectural Conservation Areas within the lifetime of the Plan. Dalkey contains many important buildings, which are not presently considered preserved structures. We urge that a new increased list of protected structures be drawn up in accordance with the directives of the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage Survey in consultation with the local groups to protect the unique heritage of Dalkey. We believe that the composition of the varied styles, types and ages of buildings in a unique coastal setting should be preserved, as it is this variety that contributes to the character of Dalkey. It is vital that we preserve and conserve our local heritage for the use and enjoyment of future generations. We would be concerned that any future approved development of, or at, any preserved structures is fully monitored and any transgression of the planning conditions imposed, be subject to immediate inspection by the Enforcement Section of the Planning Department. Any infringement should be the subject of the full legal weight of the Enforcement Section to rectify the situation. It has been our experience that the Enforcement Section appears to be under-staffed and unable to cope with the volume of work presently encountered to the detriment of the area, with irreversible consequences to our heritage. This is a source of increased concern to the residents of Dalkey. We hope this problem will be acknowledged and solutions put in place. We would be concerned that the suggested increased densification in the Dalkey area would result in the loss of the character of this Heritage Town and its immediate environs, and that infill sites should be developed with the utmost sensitivity to protect this unique part of the County. The present zoning densities of the conservation areas should continue in the 2004-20 10 Development Plan with no increase in density, especially in the Coastal Area.

Apartment Development: We are concerned that the paragraphs 3:3:7,3:3:8 and 3:3:9 in the 1998 Development Plan in relation to Dalkey should be maintained in the new Development Plan and strictly adhered to, when new development proposals are lodged with the planning authorities. It is vitally important to the preservation of Dalkey, that the statement in 3:4:7 Purpose Built Apartments, be retained in the future Development Plan; Developments exceeding 550sq/m would seriously impact on the architectural quality of Dalkey to the future detriment of the residents and visitors to the area. Large- scale apartment complexes are inappropriate and must not be permitted.

Unfinished Schemes: As stated in 10.2.3 Heritage Town the Council has carried out some improvements to "Dalkey Village". Some improvements have been made in the Castle Street area in recent years, but have not been maintained (eg.: Broken lampposts) or completed (eg.: lane-ways off Castle Street and the appalling conditions of St Patrick's Ave). We urge that these previously approved schemes must be completed.

Castle St Area: With regard to the established shopping areas in Dalkey, companies with customised design should not be allowed to use their particular style automatically. Their proposals for their shop fronts should be evaluated on their merits, and more appropriate design encouraged. We believe that in the light of some property owners in the Castle Street Area using strong primary colours, a Heritage palette should be formulated for Dalkey in consultation with the Heritage Officer and local interest groups (eg. Dalkey Tidy Towns Committee).

Hoardings: Dalkey contains an inappropriately high number of advertising hoardings in the Castle Street Area, which conflicts with its status as a Heritage Town. We urge that a policy be put in place to phase out existing hoardings as the occasion arises, in this area. The County Council should actively seek to remove these inappropriate structures that are adversely commented upon every year by the adjudicating committee of the Tidy Towns Competition.

Future Development: Dalkey is designated as a Heritage Town; this does not preclude change and development, as the built environment has to evolve. We are not against development, but believe that it should be considered within the scope of its status as a Heritage Town. We commend the inclusion of 11.1.2PolicyAH2; Protection ofZones of Archaeological Potential into the 2004-2010 Development Plan.

Sea-views: We fully endorse the present policies 2:7:23 and 2:7:24 in relation to sea views, views and prospects and believe they should continue to be included in the 2004-2010 Development Plan. However we believe that the County Council should prevent the planting of hedges and evergreen trees that block views. We believe that these should be classified as "developments" and should require planning permission. The sea-views from Coliemore Rd, Harbour Rd and Vico Rd that were included as protected views in previous Development Plans, should continue in the 2004-2010 Development Plan and be actively protected by the Enforcement Section if any transgression or unapproved development occurs along this important section of the coastline. We consider that the County Council should bring to bear the rigours of the Enforcement Section when owners of properties along the coast, raise walls and erect solid gates, obscuring views of the sea, which previously added greatly to the charm of Dalkey. Most of these alterations have been allowed without planning permission and are destroying the coastal areas eg. Coliemore Rd. In this regard, the 2004-2010 Development Plan must provide more rigorous enforcement of planning law.

Children's Play Areas: We note that in Policy 2:8:8 OS8, of the 1998 Development Plan that it is the stated policy of the Council to provide children's play areas in various locations around the County. Dalkey has no specific play area, despite having suitable spaces or parks (eg. at Cuala, Hyde Rd, Dillon's Park or Killiney Hill Park). This omission should be rectified in the new Development Plan and implemented as stated in Policy OS7: Children s Play Facilities of the Draft Development Plan. Dalkey Community Council has been regularly requested over the years to help to facilitate such a playground in conjunction with the County Council.

Heritage: We welcome the policy to produce a County Heritage Plan (Policy AH4) and would encourage the formulation with active participation with local groups and the Heritage Centre. In regard to Dalkey, we believe that an objective of this plan should be to support initiatives at Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, and to facilitate and encourage the use of the Centre as an exhibition area/museum. We believe that it should become the primary centre for the exhibition and housing of artefacts found in excavations on Dalkey Island and the surrounding County. The Plan should promote awareness of heritage through education amongst primary and secondary schools. It should support financially the Theatrical Animation of the Heritage of the Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, which brings the heritage to life in an educational outreach programme and living history module. We believe that a proactive approach should be taken by the County Council in regard to the financial and resources' support, promotion and marketing of the existing designated Heritage Centre in Dalkey. As a designated Heritage Town, it is apparent that Dalkey possesses many unique attractions. However we believe that these have not been fully capitalised and we urge that the County Council should actively promote such attractions as Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, Dalkey Island, the harbours and the Heritage and Historical Walks as stated in Policy H1 of the Draft Development Plan. We note that in Policy H1 : Heritage and protection of the environment that the implementation of this policy will involve the promotion of the heritage development of Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey. It is imperative that a Heritage Plan for Dalkey should be drawn up including its monuments, archaeological objects, heritage objects, architectural heritage, flora, fauna and wildlife habitats, landscapes, seascapes and parks. Dalkey is fortunate in having an abundance of these items and we should implement a Heritage Plan that will ensure that we make the most informed decisions concerning the future of our local heritage. We believe that the success of any such Plan depends on partnership approach between the County Council, the Heritage Officer and local interest groups. Following the formulation of a Heritage Plan for Dalkey it should be incorporated as part of the County Heritage Plan and adopted as part of the 2004-2010 County Development Plan with all its legal status and be subject to review in association with the local community. We welcome the statement in 10.2.3 Policy H3: Heritage Town that it is the policy of the Council to continue to promote the improvement of Dalkey Village to reflect its designation as a "Heritage Town ". We would endorse the proposal for the Natural Heritage Areas as stated in section 10.2.5: Policy H5 of the Draft Development Plan, i.e. Dalkey Coastal Zone and Killiney Hill, including Roches Hill and part of Killiney Beach. We would stress that it is vital that this policy is incorporated into any future Development Plan. 10.3.2 Policy C2: Parks, Coastline and Harbours in the Draft Development Plan states it is the policy of the Council to continue to improve recreational and tourism-related amenities in its public parks, along the coastline and at the harbours for access by the general public. As Dalkey possesses all these categories, we would welcome this policy and look forward to active promotion and up grading of these facilities as would befit a Heritage Town.

Parking and Traffic Management: Dalkey was designated to be included in Phase 2 of the Parking by-laws for the County in June 2001. We have submitted a joint submission with local community groups, which we believe should be the basis for any introduction of a parking scheme in Dalkey. We believe that local residents and involved groups should continue to be consulted before the implementation of a Traffic Management Scheme. We would commend the Traffic Department for their present policy of consultation with us during the last six months. However, we recommend that CIE consider a long-term plan for the upgrading and expansion of their parking facilities at the DART station. Dalkey is in a commuter area with no provision for park and ride facilities, despite previous objectives in the present Development Plan. The upgrading of parking facilities on Hyde Road at Cuala is also within the power of the County Council.

Signage. In the Section: Specific Objectives we would welcome the objective to improve directional and informational signage in the County to inform visitors of the existence and locations of the County's attractions and amenities. Signage: 2.2.10 Policy T14: Signage states it is the policy of the Council to improve signage at appropriate locations throughout the County. The present signage in Dalkey is of a poor standard and inadequate for a Heritage Town and requires upgrading: the various attractions and sights of the area are not immediately obvious to the visitor. It is felt that there is an urgent need to improve the signage around Dalkey, particularly to alert articulated vehicles and coaches of the inaccessibility of the centre of Dalkey. The erection of signs "Not suitable for long vehicles" is recommended at the site of the present heritage signs on Barnhill Road and the Castlepark/Ulverton Road junction. The present heritage signs at the entrance roads to Dalkey are not suitable for a Heritage Town. Joint projects with interested local groups and the County Council are being pursued and implemented to upgrade these entrance points into Dalkey to a standard befitting a Heritage Town. We believe that a more proactive policy between the local community groups, organisations and businesses and the County Council would result in a general improvement of the facilities and the environment around Dalkey. We therefore welcome the Council's statement in Policy H3: Heritage town of the Written Statement of the Draft Development Plan that it will continue to work with other agencies including the Heritage Centre local residents and traders to upgrade the area and therefore look forward to active participation and partnership with the County Council in the coming years.

This is the full submissi()n, as lodged with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, in respect of the Draft County Development Plan. My thanks to the four organisations for permission to reproduce in this Newslettet: Thank you for all the work involved with this submission and for always keeping Dalkey's best interests at heart -Ed.

Good Luck

Wishing every student awaiting the results of the Junior Certificate or college exams the best of luck


September is the month of harvests. The'harvest' moon played a significant role in the helping to get the harvest brought in on time. The 'harvest' moon is the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox of the sun, about 23rd September. The moon rises at approximately the same time several nights running and shines so brightly that farmers, if need be, can work late into the night.


Don't forget closing date for receipt of entries is Saturday, 11 October.

Information and entry forms available from or telephone 278 1788


  • Walk - Sunday, September 7th - Ms Alice Cullen will lead a guided walk of Ulverton Road, Bulloch and Harbour Road. Meet at 3pm outside the Dalkey Heritage Centre. For further information on walks, telephone 2858986 after 6.30pm
  • Wednesday - September 17th - Philip Lecane will present his lecture recalling 'The Sinking of the RMS Leinster-October 1918' to the Dun Laoghaire Borough Historical Society in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire at 8pm. All welcome
  • Thursday September 18th - Seamus O Maitiu will present his lecture 'Wicklow Granite in Dublin Buildings' to the Bray Cualann Historical Society at 8pm at 10 Prince of Wales Terrace, Quinsboro Road, Bray. All welcome


Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council will sponsor a family day at Killiney Hill Park (Burma Road entrance) Sunday 7th September from 2 - 6pm.

Attractions will include bouncing castle, face painters, balloon man, jazz bank etc.

Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre will lead literary walks from Killiney Hill Park to Sorrento Park featuring locations referred to in the work of local writers to mark the beginning of Heritage Week


It's back to school time and that means the traffic on our roads changes, literally, overnight.

Don't forget:

Walking: Choose a safe route to school and safe places to cross. Use the Safe Cross Code.

Bus: Take care getting on and off the bus. Wait until the bus moves off before trying to cross the road.

Cycling: A child under 12 should not cycle in traffic. Know the rules of the road. Be visible and also wear a helmet.

Driving: Children should sit in the back seat and be restrained. Collect children on the school side of the road -do not park opposite and do not park within twenty yards of the school.

Don't forget a red light means 'stop' for all traffic - walkers, cyclists, cars.


It hurts me so
To see him thus
Mu babe
Of tender years,
Choking back
His tears
I long to shelter

In my arms
This little lad
Turned four
But I will
Take him by the hand
And lead
Him out the door
Into a world
Where he must have

The courage
To stand alone
By the love
That he has known
At home
And I must learn
To let him go
Though helping

When I can
My little son
Now taking
His first steps
To being
A Man


The Dublin Community games were held in Santry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5th, 6th and 7th of July. Dalkey had a total of 52 competitors in Santry ranging from 6 years old to 13 years old. As usual there was tremendous support from all the competitors for each other along with a terrific turn out by parents. Each and every one of those competitors who were selected to represented Dalkey should feel very proud because each of them performed very well and did ALL of Dalkey proud. WELL DONE! ! Many competitors performed very well getting to the quarterfinals, semi- finals and final in their events and won a variety of medals and certificates. Some performance of note were:

  • Jennifer Roe who won the goldmedal in the Under 12 Ball Throw and her sister
  • Kathy won a silver medal in the under 10, 60 metre hurdles.
  • Eric Comerford won a gold medal in the special race.
  • Michael Moran (U8, 60m), Jake Russell Carroll (U12,. 600m) and
  • Anna McGettigan (U13, 900 metre walk) all won Bronze medals along with the
  • U12Girls 100 metre relay team of Maria Macken, Aoife Kelly, Aoife Lynch and SiobhanO'Neill. Orla Patton-
  • U1O, lOOm and the U14 Boys relay team of Brendan Macken, Dominic Dowling, Jamie Carey and Andrew Patton won Certificates for 4th place in their respective finals.

This year for the first time ever all of the Dalkey Relay teams got to their respective finals. Finally a well deserved thanks is due to all the volunteers who helped out with the organisation throughout the year, in particular Bridget Roe, Gerry Macken, Colm Comerford, Conor Crowley, Conor O'Reilly, Joan Patton and Conor Patton. We hope to see an our competitors back next year when we restart around Easter.

Dalkey Table Tennis Club (renamed Hyde Park Table Tennis Club) was established many years ago by Larry and the late Betty Wilmot. The club had three different venues throughout the years, first was the old "Epworth Hall" on Rochford Avenue, the Town Hall and the Cuala Sports Centre (our present venue). Indeed it was Larry and Betty who taught most of us the rules of the game. The club had many ups and downs since its commencement. Four years ago our numbers had reduced to 12 members when with advertising and word of mouth gradually many of our former members returned, along with several new members. Now we have a membership of about 35 on our books. We have purchased two new tables in addition to the others and the new maple floor makes such a tremendous difference. In the '80's the club can boast of a wonderful Junior Section. Sean Buckley was responsible for most of the coaching, other adults also helped along with Betty and Larry. Teams were entered for the Community Games. They did very well and even got to the Finals in Mosney (National Finals). What a pity it all fell apart. I think it was due to the various activities going on in Dalkey around that time. Is it not true that the Juniors of today are the Seniors of tomorrow. In the near future we hope to have a shield for annual competitions dedicated to the memory of the late Betty Wilmot who did so much for Table Tennis in Dalkey. In conclusion I should like to say that we are looking forward to another good season in September (DV). The club reopens Wednesday, 3 September at lO.3Oam -12.3Opm (Cuala Sports Centre) Hyde Park Dalkey -New members welcome. M Byrne

The Killiney/Dalkey Friends of St. Luke's Hospital, Rathgar are holding a coffee morning/bring and buy sale in Our Lady's Hall, Castle Street, on Saturday 27th September from 10am to noon. Donations of cakes and plants to Joan O'Regan at telephone 2851719



Sultana Cake:

6ozs margarine
6ozs castor sugar
3 eggs
10 ozs flour
pinch of salt, teaspoon baking powder
1/4 lb sultanas
Grated lemon rind
2ozs mixed peel
a little milk

Beat the margarine and sugar to a cream add each egg separately and beat well. Stir in the flour, salt and baking powder, also the sultanas, grated lemon rind and peel, adding milk if necessary to make a fairly stiff mixture. Transfer to tin and bake for 1 hour 35 minutes. Gas Mark 4 - 350f, - 180c


Monthly Community Council Meeting - 8pm Mon 1st Sept
Yoga Pilates Combo classes - Heritage Centre each Monday 6.45pm 8pm 1 Sept
Deilg Inish Story of Dalkey Island 1pm (add 4pm on Sun) Sat 6 + Sun 7 Sept
Walk with Alice Cullen - meet Dalkey Heritage Centre 3pm Sun 7 Sept
Heritage Week 7-14 Sept
Table Tennis recommences Wed 3 Sept
Family Fun Day - Killiney Hill Park (sponsored by DLRCC) 2-6 pm Sun 7Sept
Walk from Killiney Hill Park to Sorrento Park 2.30pm Sun 7 Sept
'The Sinking of the RMS Leinster - October 1918' 8pm Wed 17 Sept
'Wicklow Granite in Dublin Buildings' 8pm Thurs 18 Sept
Art Exhibition - Emotion Recollected - Heritage Centre Thurs-Sun 25-28 Sept
Collating of October Newsletter Fri 26 Sept
Grandparents Day Sat 27 Sept
Coffee Morning Bring & Buy Our Lady's Hall Sat 27 Sept

Storytelling for children aged 3-6 years old takes place each Thursday between 3.30pm and 4pm in Dalkey Library.

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