NEWSLETTER NO. 333 Volume 11
Iuil (July) 2004

July: Named for Julius Caesar

Flower: Water Lily

The monthly meeting of the Dalkey Community Council was held on Monday 31st May.

For the months of June, July, and August, there will be clean ups every Tuesday morning from 10.30am -12.00pm for Castle Street and every Thursday morning from 11.00am -1.00pm for Dillon 's Park. Everyone is welcome to come along and help. A Dalkey Resident had contacted TT to try and organise a voluntary evening clean up, and anyone interested in joining this group should contact 2850813. It is hoped that the Business Association should encourage more of their members to clean outside their own Premises, and help the litter problem on Castle Street. It was remarked that there were no litterbins around Killiney Hill Park. When this problem was brought up with DLRCC, we were informed that the litterbins only encouraged dumping. We will pursue this issue with them again. Tidy Towns are hoping that there will be more community involvement to try and keep the town and its environs more litter free


DCC has voiced their observations about the proposed large-scale development of 28 apartments and 4 retail units in the Tramyard. Observations have also been lodged for the retention application being sought by the development on the Flags. There is also concern about the disruption and the amount of damage to the public right-of-way along the Flags. Construction has commenced along the dart line for the ESB sub-station and DCC is in consultation with DLRCC about the nature of the work involved. There were 134 submissions made for the proposed development in the Field at Dalkey Park/Mapas Road and the decision is due on the 8th June.

DCC has received several complaints about the siting of the bottle banks on the Vico Road. We have contacted the DLRCC emphasising safety issues involved and the inappropriate placing of these banks in a scenic area.
As there was no further business the meeting concluded.

The annual Dalkey Community Council Garden Outing is taking place on Wednesday 14th July. This year the outing is going to Wexford to visit The Bay Garden, The Potting Shed Garden and Nursery in Camolin and Greenan Farm Museums and Maze in Rathdrum: Entrance fee to the gardens and coach is approx.€22 per person. This days outing is open to members of DCC and the public. The meetmg point is Cuala, Hyde Road at 9.45am sharp. Those interested please contact 2850813. 
Planning Report to the AGM 2004

There were 125 applications for the Dalkey area in the year 2003, compared to 115 the previous year. In addition, there were 15 applications deemed invalid; this is much fewer than 2002 when the new planning legislation came into force and more than 50 applications were invalidated. There were 17 applications for retention, which is twice that for the previous year; several of these were for larger scale developments that had "deviated" from the original plans lodged with the Planning Department during the course of construction. Some of these wished to sell the property and therefore wished to "regularize" their position before putting the property on the market. Several of the applications for retention apply to one property, about which I reported in length last year, namely 1 Sorrento Terrace, to which I will return later. 14 were granted permission, 2 refused and one is pending a decision.

We are unhappy with this increase in applications for retention and lodged submissions in several cases.

Additional information was requested in 15 cases and supplied in 19 cases some applications requiring further subsequent information.

92 decisions were made, of these, 77 were granted permission and 15 were refused, 15 were deemed invalid and 3 were withdrawn. The remainder is awaiting a decision.

Of these 15 refusals, 10 appealed to Bord Pleanala against the Planning Department's decision. There were eleven 3rd party appeals against grant of permission.

We lodged an appeal for one proposal and sent in submissions in 4 cases. We are awaiting a decision on our one appeal. One case was withdrawn and we were pleased that Bord Pleanala refused permission in the other cases.

The Bord handed down 13 decisions, of which they granted permission in 6 cases; of these, the County Council had previously granted permission for 4 applications and refused permission for 2 applications. Of the 7 cases refused permission on appeal to Bord Pleanala, all had previously been refused permission bythe Planning Department.

We are awaiting decisions on several appeals for the Dalkey area as the time taken for the Bord to reach a decision is now on average, 6 to 7 months.

There are several applications that are of general interest to which I shall now refer.

1 Sorrento Terrace:
At the beginning of last year there were three separate applications for retention of various alterations at this protected structure; in March 2003, D.R.C.C granted permission for the retention of metal roof hatches to facilitate access to machinery in the roof space.

They later gave permission for the retention of a generator and air chiller units adjacent to the newly constructed staff quarters despite widespread opposition in the area.

There was a dispute over the title of the land where this was built- the County Council had previously acquired the land in the 1980's for road widening. However, despite the intervention of some County Councillors, there has been no further reference to us about this issue from the Council.

The third application was for the retention of a glass roof over the light well at ground floor level at the front of the house. We objected to this, along with the residents, as we believed it compromised the terrace as a whole. The Planning Department refused permission for retention, but the owner subsequently appealed to Bord Pleanala. In August, the Bord refused permission for retention on the grounds of inappropriate development in a Conservation Area.

The Enforcement Section of the planning department contacted the owners in the autumn to clarify the programme of works required for reinstatement of the front area of the house and removal of the glass roof. There appears to be some delay on the part of the owners to commence work, as the Enforcement Section wrote to them on 20th February 2004 informing them that they would be obliged to issue enforcement proceedings if the reinstatement work was not completed by 30th March 2004. Another issue has recently arisen at this site as the boundary fence between Dillon's Park and 1 Sorrento Terrace has been extended below the High Water Mark. There are obvious safety issues for anyone on the beach. We intend to pursue this matter.

57 Castlenark Rd (Ballycrane):
In May, we were concerned about the proposed development of a 4-storey apartment block and 4 townhouses on this restricted site at the junction of Castlepark Rd and Barnhill Rd. We therefore objected on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site, overlooking of neighbouring properties, inappropriate design and inappropriate access at a hazardous junction. Permission was refused due to the proposed scale and design, overdevelopment and lack of private open space.

In January of this year another application for an apartment block has been lodged; we are concerned about the traffic implications at this hazardous junction especially in the light of the recent serious accident at this location. We will be lodging our observations to the planning department.

9 Dalkey Ave (Stuart's Garage)
In June, we were informed about a proposal for three 3-storey townhouses on Dalkey Ave. at the site of Stuart's Garage. Having inspected the plans, we concluded that the development would be inappropriate on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site with inadequate private open space, inadequate parking facilities on a busy thoroughfare into Dalkey and overshadowing of properties in Kilbegnet Close at the rear of the site amongst other reasons.

The developer was requested to submit further information in relation to these and other concerns raised by us and neighbouring residents.

The Planning Authorities decided to grant permission in September despite our concerns; we, and neighbouring residents, therefore lodged separate appeals to Bord Pleanala as we are unhappy about this decision and the potential consequences of this proposed development to the area. We are awaiting the Bord's decision on the matter.

Carrage Na Greine:
In September, an application for refurbishment of the gate-lodge and construction of 2 apartments at the rear of this protected structure was lodged. Several residents concerned about the removal of the original entrance gates to Carraige to facilitate the on going works at this site, had approached us previously. On inspection of the plans, there was no indication of their reinstatement. We therefore contacted the planning department outlining our concerns. Planning permission has subsequently been granted but with the following condition: prior to commencement of development the original main gates to the vehicular access shall be reinstated as indicated on drawing no. 01/157/04 revision 1. Provision shall be made for the Conservation Officer of D.R.C.C. to inspect the site during the course of the works. After reinstatement the applicant shall obtain written agreement from the Planning Authority that the work has been competed satisfactorily.

We therefore look forward to the reinstatement of the gates in the near future.

Castle Street:
As you are all aware, there has been on going development and refurbishment on Castle St. during the past year. Kerins Pharmacy at 32 Castle St has now completed its rear extension and the provision of offices in 33 Castle St.

The Exchange Bookshop has its newly extended front at 33 and 34 Castle St.

46,47 and 47a Castle St have now become "Benito's", another restaurant, after the rather dramatic collapse of some of the remaining original walls during a storm last spring.

The apartment complex at 62 Castle St, the former Systems Printing site is nearing completion; however, concerns are constantly being voiced about the traffic safety aspect at the junction of Castle St and Dalkey Ave. and the extremely narrow pavement at this comer. We regret that the planning department did not take the opportunity to improve both pedestrian and vehicular safety at this dangerous comer during the initial planning stage.

I reported at last yearsA.G.M. that we were waiting for Bord Pleanala's decision on the appeal for the Tramyard. The Planning Department had refused permission for the construction of 27 apartments and 6 retail units on the Tramyard site earlier in 2002. The developer appealed to Bord Pleanala to reverse this decision, but they subsequently refused planning permission in March 2003.

We are aware that this site will be developed in the future, but we believe that only a development of the highest standard and quality, appropriate to its setting in a Conservation area in the County's only Heritage Town, in a prominent position in relation to Castle St, should be considered. We will continue to monitor the situation.

We are aware of the several properties in the Castle St area that are in the process of being refurbished or sold. We hope that they continue to function as retail or commercial outlets for the benefit of the local community so that the atmosphere and business of a vibrant and thriving town is maintained.

In relation to this, an application for 31 Castle St, the former Dalkey Dispensary, a protected structure, was made in December 2003, for change of use to tearoom and wine bar and demolition of the rear of the building and the replacement with a 2 and 3 storey structure including an apartment. The proposal includes a seating area in the laneway between it and Kerins Pharmacy. Amongst other concerns, we are unhappy with the scale and bulk of the proposal as well as the overshadowing of the cottages in St Patrick's Ave, the lack of any parking provisions, the interference of vehicular access along the laneway to the rear of 32, 33 and 34 Castle St and free pedestrian access to the car park at the rear of the supermarket. We have therefore written to the Planning Department requesting planning permission should be refused for this development in its present form.

Art Gallery on Vico Rd:
I reported on the Community Council's visit to this Gallery last year and the Administrator's promise of another date for other members to view the collection later in the year. Unfortunately, no date was made available to us, despite several requests possibly due to the large demand for visits from other interested groups. I contacted the Administrator again this year, when she told me a visit could be arranged in mid to late April. However, all members of the group would have to fill in an application form with their names and addresses and an insurance disclaimer, before a date for the visit to the gallery could be finalized. This does not facilitate easy access to the gallery.

As you remember, only 10 people per group are allowed access at any visit and the Gallery is to be open for 60 days during the year. There has been ongoing coverage in the press during the last year about the difficulties people are having accessing the gallery, including Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councillors. However, I hope our visit this year materializes and I will be able to give a positive report next year!

Draft DeveloDment Plan:
As reported at last year's A.G.M., we sent a submission in relation to the Proposed Draft Development Plan to D.R.C.C. planning department. In 2003 we sent in a further submission in response to the publication of the Draft Development Plan. Our main points are: -

a. The introduction of Architectural Conservation Areas in the Castle St. area, the coastal areas and the parks around Dalkey.

b. Monitoring of future developments in Dalkey, especially in the context of custom-built apartments.

c. An increased list of protected structures to reflect the unique heritage of Dalkey.

d. The preservation of sea views.

e. The formulation of a Heritage Plan for Dalkey in the context of the County Heritage Plan.

f. A pro-active approach to be taken by the County Council to promote and market the Heritage Centre.

g. A more pro-active liaison between the local organisations, businesses and the County Council to be a major policy in the upgrading of facilities and the environment in the future.

h. The introduction of a Traffic Management and Parking Scheme to Dalkey. The County Council is in the process of introducing new Bye-law Parking proposals in the County area. Dalkey's proposed parking scheme has been compiled by the Traffic Department in consultation with the Community Council, the Business Association and the Tidy Towns Committee and is now on public display. This involves the introduction of a "Pay and Display" scheme and resident permits in parking zones in the Town Centre and adjacent areas. Submissions about the proposed parking scheme should be received by the Traffic Department by 19th March 2004.

We were deeply concerned to learn that the County Councillors had voted in favour of removing the Conservation Areas in the new Development Plan 2004-2010, and had substituted the aspiration to introduce Architectural Conservation Areas when funding would be available sometime in the future. The County Manager published Proposed Amendments that constitute a Material Alteration to the Draft Plan in December 2003 and submissions were invited from the public for a month following publication. We responded by condemning the removal of the Conservation Areas and demanded the reinstatement of these Conservation Areas until such time as the Architectural Conservation Areas would be introduced by due process. The County Councillors will be meeting to finalise the County Development Plan for 2004 -2010 from the beginning of March until its publication on 23rd March 2004.

In November, the Community Council voted unanimously to join the Combined Residents Alliance following the proposed rezoning of Dun Laoghaire Golf Club and other amenity areas to residential and commercial status. Several of our members had attended their meetings independently and were important in bringing back to us more informed material about the various proposals.

It is very relevant to note that there is County wide anger and concern by residents about the widespread commercial development that is being proposed often in scenic areas and the proposed rezoning of these areas to facilitate that development. Conservation issues are also high on the list of concerns for communities throughout the County.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Planning Committee, Pat Egan, Nora Hart, Anne Purcell and Yvonne Fogarty for their time and hard work during the last year.

We will continue to work to protect this beautiful area for all its residents and visitors alike.


In general regular weeding, watering and hoeing is the order of the day.

Lawns: Cut (but not too short so soil stays cooler and water regularly) and weed, also trim edges.

Vegetables: Sow carrot and lettuce, plant out broccoli, winter cabbage, winter cauliflower, leeks, sprouts and kale for winter use, protect summer cauliflowers by bending leaves over the curd, when you have lifted the early crops replace with winter vegetables, spray tomato plants to protect against blight and repeat every 7 to 10 days.

Flowers and Shrubs: Take geranium and carnation cuttings, remove faded hydrangea blossoms and take cuttings, prune delphiniums and other tall perennials and flowering shrubs as their blossoms fade, sow wallflowers, forget-me-nots and pansies, plant out biennials, prune clematis and wisteria when flowering is over, spray roses to prevent black spot and mildew.

Fruit: Prune currants and raspberries following fruit harvest, clear strawberry beds of straw and weed thoroughly, prune new blackberry canes, continue to spray for pests and disease.

PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO. ..Cut back any branches, hedges etc. that may be hanging over on to the path and cause difficulty and/or injury to neighbours and pedestrians


Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre and The Museum and Cultural Service of the Isle of Anglesey are continuing their cultural, artist residency and heritage exchange visits between the communities over the summer months. The exchanges are part funded by the Interreg Community Initiative.

The second artist on exchange in Dalkey, Mari Elain Gwent is researching legends common to both countries, for her artistic inspiration. She is also working with many nationalities in Kilmarnock House on a special creativeproject to share their many cultures with the Welsh and Irish. You can still book to travel on the 'Two Day Historical Tour to Isle of Anglesey' for a short break.

The sites include: Beaumaris Castle, Penmon Early Christian Priory, Church and Dovecote (home to 1.00 doves). Din Lligwy, Romano-British Farnstead, Bryn Celli Ddu & Barcliodad y Gawres Passage Graves.

Cost €175 (single room available for supplement of €25) Extra night also possible if required.

Special packages can be designed to suit special interest groups (walking groups etc.)

Price includes: Ferry Coach expert guides, dinner bed & breakfast in hotel at Menai Bridge, where traditional Welsh Entertainment will be provided by the Ffidl Ffadl Folk Group, Lunch on both days is also included.

There is free time in Beaumaris to shop or explore on the second day.

Booking is still open for July tour on 20th & 21st July. The next tours will be on 24th & 25th August and 21st &22nd Sept 2004

To book contact Interreg Project Office Tel: 2351325 or

Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre Tel: 2858366


The Dublin Community Games is 36 years old now and Dalkey has been associated with the Community Games for many years. The Community Games allows each and every child and indeed encourages each and every child to take part in both sporting and cultural activities.

During the year 2003 we took part in several disciplines for example Athletics, Swimming and Tennis. Medals and certificates were won and this has been reported on during the year, however and perhaps more importantly our young people made an immense contribution to those Games in 2003 and very importantly enjoyed themselves while doing just that.

The Community Games Movement, as a whole, like so many organisations, stands at a crossroads as it has been trying to face up to the challenges posed by modem society and the very different lifestyles of the 21st century to that of the 1960's when the Movement was first founded.

It has drawn-up a Strategic Plan and new methods and strategies have been and continue to be discussed seeking the all important solutions and answers. However while that process continues, many of our young residents from age 6 to 18 get down to the business of the day and take part in those Games and continue to have fun. To run the Games in Dalkey and to involve the children requires much patience and a fair bit of stamina ! I congratulate all those adults who give their time so willingly to give the children of Dalkey (your children) an opportunity to experience the Games and the comradeship -thank you so much. They are truly the unsung heroes!

To the Community Council to whom we are affiliated thank you for your support and to Doctor Dolores MacKenna, Principal, Loreto Abbey we are indebted to you for the use of the school grounds.

Community Games is an experience not to be missed by any child. The atmosphere and feeling of comradeship is intoxicating, to experience just a small taste of this just go to the Athletics Finals the first week in July at Santry Stadium and see for yourself. To parents I say give both you and your child the opportunity to experience the Games and I have no doubt that your child will reap the rewards for many years to come and thank you for that opportunity.

Colleen Hogan


The reader will say -where in heaven is Deception Island and what is the connection with Dalkey Island?

Well, it's a long story but the person who influenced me to travel to Antarctica and Deception Island was one of the greatest and most courageous men to come from the Dingle Peninsula. For so long an unsung Irish hero, Tom Crean's exploits in saving the lives of the entire crew of the Endeavour which broke up in the Antarctic ice back in 1917/18, have become well known in recent years. Being completely fascinated by him, I became a member of the Tom Crean Society and my interest in him grew so much that when I learned of an expedition to the Antarctic I could not resist it.

Having bade farewell to the sweet shores of Coliemore and Dalkey Island, I arrived in Buenos Aires on 26th January, 2004. Through the good office of my friend, Donal Denham, a Dalkey resident but at present the Irish Consul in San Francisco. 1 was the guest of the Irish Ambassador, Paula Slattery, in Buenos Aires. 1 later flew down to Ushuaia, which is a small coastal town at the tip of Argentina. On the 2nd February, I boarded the ship, The Professor Molhonav, destined to take us to Antarctica over a ten-day period. The forty passengers on board were from Japan, South Africa, Germany, England, Holland, Belgium and -yes, wait for it -one from Dalkey.

The seas in that part of the world are not kind but I shall never forget the mountainous rush ofwaves going through the Drake Passage. Everything and everyone on board were cast about. Even the ship's doctor became ill. It was exciting to the see the great variety of wild life. Penguins were in abundance, if nauseating. We saw many killer whales, minky whales, seals and albatrosses. I will never forget the first sighting of the Antarctic shelf, the scenario for Tom Crean 's great heroic feats. We sailed through the Wedell Sea in full view of the magnificent ice continent. It is difficult to explain its awesome beauty. We made three landings in all on the ice pack.

And where does Deception Island come in? Well it can be recorded for posterity that not only did our party land on Deception Island but one of the party and I took part in a brief Polar Plunge in the icy water off the Island. The sea was slightly colder than at Killiney beach! On our return journey to Ushuaia the ship rounded Cape Horn and we landed at Ushuaia on 13th February. It was an experience I will never forget.

On my return to Buenos Aires, our gracious Irish Ambassador hosted a dinner in the company of influential Irish persons now living in Argentina.

Then back to Dublin on 16th February. I imagine that when I am rounding Dalkey Island on my way to the Muglins in my own little craft, fishing lazily for mackerel with feathers, my memory will slip back to a more austere Deception Island with its mighty rush of water, wheeling albatross and the giants of the ocean. Still it's good to be back in "Scald Dalkey". My special thanks to my wife, Sheila, for her support, advice and great help with the detailed arrangements in preparing for this venture. And thank you also Tom Crean.

Patrick J. Davis, 2, Whites Villas, Dalkey.


This years Family Day is on the 18th July from 2.00- 5.30 pm on the Burmah Road (Killiney Hill Park). There will be a variety of acts, jazz band, bouncing castles, face painting, etc. Lots of local participation and food will be available. There will be loads of FUN and entertainment for everyone. Do come along!


There are many children's events taking place in our local library during the month of July.

Reuben the Comedian (ages 7-13) @3.30pm Tues.6thJuly

The Rainbow Serpent -Puppet Show (ages 3-10) @ 3.30pm Thurs.8th July

Anna Bananas, Entertainer (ages 3-10) @3.30pm Thurs..15thJuly

Jungle Rainforest Drama Workshop with Ciara McParland (ages 6-12) max. 20 people @ 3.00pm rues. 20th July

Hip-Hop Dancing (ages 6-12) max. 20 people @ 3.30pm rues. 27th July

The Writers' Group, meetings are held fortnightly in Dalkey Library from 6.00- 7.45pm on Thursday evenings. Phone Dalkey Library for further information 2855277.


For further information please telephone 2054817, e-mail or check the website

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is organising free collections of Hazardous Waste items such as: Aerosols, Paints, Strippers, Thinners, Batteries, Fluorescent Thbes, Insecticides, Old Medicines, Cleaning Agents, Detergents, Bleaches and Waste Oils.

These hazardous wastes SHOULD NOT be presented with normal household waste for landfill.

A Cara Chemcar truck will be located at Shanganagh Park House, Shankill (near DART) on Saturday,3 July between 9am and Ipm and 2pm to 5pm. It is very difficult to predict the amount of hazardous waste being deposited so unfortunately once the Chemcar truck is full on the day no more items can be accepted.

For further information please telephone 2054817, e-mail or check our website

In the meantime DON'T FORGET TO RECYCLE The Recycling Facility at George's Place (opposite the Old Fire Station) takes glass, drink cans, paper (newspaper; junk mail, magazines, telephone books, cards), cardboard packaging and plastic containers (drink, milk and shampoo bottles). Open Monday to Thursday 8am to 4.30pm, Friday 8am to 3.30pm and Saturday, 8am to 4pm (closed Sundays and public holidays). Litter free phone number is 1800403503


The Dalkey Girls Under 16 Hockey made it into the Dublin Final.

Dalkey were playing Knocklyon North to see who would represent Dublin in the next round.

The match took place on Friday, 28th May a lovely day for a game of hockey and with support from the girls families made it a great evening. Unfortunately, after giving it their all Dalkey lost 2 -0 in a very exciting match.

Dalkey received Silver Medals and for some it was the first medal they had ever won but most importantly the match brought out the true spirit of Community Games.

The girls played as a team with ages ranging from 11 -15 years and from different schools, the match brought out all their strengths and how they supported each other and worked as a team.

I would like to thank as ever my sister Colleen for all her help and support but a special thank you to my sister Katrina who came to the rescue and helped at the match and for the preceding weeks was my chauffeur and anything else that needed to be done. Well done to all the girls and I hope to see you next year and one never knows it. could even be gold.


WORK J W Thompson

Courtesy of Party Pieces'by Nuala Harnett

How true it is when I am sad,
A little work can make me glad.
When frowning care comes to my door,
I work awhile and fret no more.
1 leave my couch harassed with pain,
I work, and soon I'm well again.


When sorrow comes and vain regret:
I go to work and soon forget.
Work soothes the soul when joys depart,
And often mends a broken heart.
The idle mind soon fills with murk,
So that's why God invented work.


The response to our recent appeal for volunteer helpers was good but we are always grateful to hear from people willing to help.

Right now we need a little additional help in the kitchen every second Sunday for two hours approx. from 9.15am and on the same day help with driving for one-hour approx. from 11.30am.

Anyone willing to help should please contact "Meals on Wheels" in 11, Kilbegnet Close any morning (except Friday) between 9.15am and noon. Phone 2857863.

May we also appeal again to members of the public ( except residents) not to park outside the MOW kitchen.

Dalkey Library-Story telling for children aged from 3-6 (3.30 to 4pm) Thurs July
Community Council Meeting Mon 5th July
Battle of the Boyne

1st July 1690

St. Swithin's Day Thurs 15th July
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin's airship flew for the first time Sun 1st July 1900`T
Travellers cheques patented 7th July 1891
Last Tram to Dalkey Sun 10th July 1949
World's first powerboat race run by the Royal Cork Yacht Club Sat 11th July 1903
Guided Evening walk with Alice Cullen Heritage Centre 7.15 Mon 19th July
Collating of August Newsletter Fri 30th July
Bank Holiday Mon 2nd August
Live Aid Pop Concert raises over £50 Million 13th July 1985
The Campanile of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice Collapsed Mon 14th July 1902
Ice cream cone created by Charles E Menches, France 23rd July 1904


Storytelling for children aged 3-6 years old takes place each Thursday between 3.30pm and 4pm in Dalkey Library.

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