NEWSLETTER NO. 332 Volume 11
Meitheamh (June) 2004

June: In honour of the Goddess Juno, patroness of women, marriage and the home

Flower: Rose

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June

Al Berstein

Guimid Lá Shona, shuaireach do gach Athair in Deilginis!
We wish a happy enjoyable Father's Day to all the Dads in Dalkey!

The monthly meeting of the Dalkey Community Council was held on Tuesday 4th May.

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed Mabel Hanna as the new representative for Hyde Park.

An email was received from Kealin Ireland thanking us for her invitation to the discussion evening. On foot of that meeting with Dalkey Community Council, she and Jane Dillon Byrne put a motion to the County Council requesting that CIE be asked to move the planned substation at Dalkey DART station further along the track. Eamon Gilmore was also contacted and has written to the Head of Planning in D.L.R.C.C. about the problem.

Paul Miller of Whites Villas contacted us in regard to closing off vehicular access to Whites Villas from the Queens car park and Castle Street, thus making it into a cul-de-sac for pedestrian use only. Mr. Miller has submitted a petition of 43 householders' signatures. DCC will support this measure.

In response to an email sent to DLRCC re the clearing of the gullies, DLRCC stated that Castle Street is swept every day, Dalkey Ave., Ardeevin Road, Cunningham Road and Drive every week and Hillside every fortnight. The gullies have been cleaned and are due for cleaning again as soon as resources allow.


have made progress with different groups in the community to join their "patrols" of certain areas. The Cubs were very successful down at Bulloch Harbour and collected 4 bags of rubbish on their first patrol!

The new Development Plan is now in operation and DCC urges residents to object to proposed developments causing concern, as local opinion does carry weight. The Community Council will support local residents in their objection to the proposed development for 40 apartments at Dalkey Park.

An application for 28 apartments at the Tramyard, Castle St has been lodged; we advise all residents of Dalkey to inspect the plans. The Community Council will be lodging their submission.

There is an increase in dumping of rubbish around the town, e.g. fridges and doors have been left on the Vico Road. There is a facility in Sandymount for recycling fridges. There is a problem with speeding around the area and particularly through the town. DCC will contact the Traffic Unit in Blackrock.

It was noted that one of the buses, S9 A has been removed from the route servicing Dalkey.

The meeting concluded


The long-awaited project between DaIkey Castle & Heritage Centre and Oriel Ynys Mon in Llangefni, under the Interreg 111A Community Initiative programme, began with exchange visits to historic/archaeological sites on both sides in April.

Thirty participants travelled to Anglesey for a two-day historical and cultural exchange. The tour included a visit to Beaumaris Castle, Penmon Priory, Din Lligwy Romano-British and Passage Graves from around 3000 BC.

The Ffidl Ffadl Traditional Folk Group provided evening entertainment at the group's hotel, the Victoria at Menai Bridge. The first participants on this exciting programme reported that they had a 'marvellous trip' and were impressed by what Anglesey had to offer. There was a genuine hope expressed that many people from the area will take the opportunity to explore the history and culture of our nearest neighbours.

Dalkey Castle & Heritage welcomed their first cultural exchange visitors from the Isle of Anglesey at the end of April. The Heritage Centre staged a performance of the Living History Re-Enactment which brings local history to vivid and colourful life. After lunch in Dalkey half of the group partook in a guided Historical/Literary Walk to Coliemore Harbour and Sorrento Park.

The other section went on what was recorded as 'the highlight of the visit' , a boat trip through DaIkey Sound to view the archaeological features of Dalkey Island.

The group was greatly impressed by Dalkey's restaurants and bars and had lunches and dinner in the town. Visitors stayed overnight at Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, where they were entertained to an Irish Literary Showcase by Deilg Inis, the local theatrical animation company. This was followed by a traditional Irish music Seisiuin.

On day two of their visit, the group was taken to other local heritage sites including Monkstown Castle, Cill Inion Leinin Church, the dolmen at Cromlech Fields and The High Crosses and Church at Tully.

'An excellent two days'. and 'the package as a whole was extremely well organised and jampacked with interesting events'. were among the comments from the Welsh.

Further groups from Anglesey will be visiting DaIkey between June and September.

In tandem with this, the first of three Artist Residencies is underway. Welsh Artist, Eleri Jones is working in Dalkey, sketching people, shopkeepers, food and much more. The Black Sheep Art Group, under the guidance of the inspirational Valerie Coombes, had the welcome mat out for her and research is progressing with Black Sheep on a big Dalkey project. The fruits of this will lead to an Exhibition in the Gallery at the Heritage Centre at the end of the summer. Eleri is also working with the Wednesday Club in Kilbegnet Community Unit. So watch out for artists and cameras in Dalkey over the summer months. Meanwhile a Dalkey artist is working on an exciting project, linking heritage and art on recycled materials in LlangeLni.

You too can experience the Welsh culture, countryside and heritage: The organisers of the DaIkey-Isle of Anglesey: sharing a culture project are currently looking for groups or individuals to take part in the 2-day exchange trips to the Isle of Anglesey throughout the summer. The dates are June 22nd & 23rd, July 20th & 2lst, August 24th &25th and September 21 & 22, 2004. An active interest in history, archaeology, wildlife or walking is helpful but not essential. The tours represent extremely good value for money as they are currently being subsidised and sold at a break-even price to encourage the exchange of cultures. The all-inclusive price of €175 includes ferry, coach and expert guide for the two days, dinner bed/breakfast in a hotel, two lunches and evening entertainment.

To book contact the Interred office at 235 1325 or The Heritage Centre at 285 8366

Celebrate BLOOMSDAY CENTENARY in Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre on Wed 16th June 2004. Enjoy The Dalkey Schoolroom Scene at 3.00pm followed by Guided Joycean Walk in Dalkey. Tickets €10. Later at 8.00pm -enjoy a full Joycean Evening, interspersed with music & song. You are welcome to dress in Edwardian costume or even wear a straw hat! Prize for the most accurately dressed couple. Tickets €12.50. tickets may be purchased in advance at Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre Tel 285 8366.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Report to the AGM 2004

During the year, on behalf of Dalkey Community Council we have attended the meetings of Neighbourhood Watch "F" District Steering Committee. These meetings are held regularly in Dun Laoghaire and are attended by representatives from the four sub-districts that comprise "F" District -namely Cabinteely, Kill 0' the Grange, Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey.

Information on Crime Statistics and trends etc. is exchanged at these meetings.

The AGM of the "F" District Steering Committee was held on 30 September last which was very well attended. Superintendent Donal Neill and Detective Inspector Eamonn O'Reilly addressed the meeting. Among the topics they covered were 9a) Public Order Offences and the measures taken to deal with these; and (b) Crime Statistics categorised as Serious Crimes and Minor Infringements. It was reported that all crime was up on previous years by 11 %. Detection rate was around 33%.

The guest speaker at this meeting was Sergeant William Wildes from the Drugs Unit who gave an excellent talk.

The monthly Council Meeting on February 2nd was attended by Sergeant Majella Lynch, who is in charge of Community Policing in the area and also by Inspector Pat Ward. Both addressed the meeting and were positive and encouraging in their commitment to Neighbourhood Watch. Sergeant Lynch also told us that due to the feedback they received from the talk given by Sergeant Wildes at the Steering Committees AGM that they were organising a series of three talks in March, April and May, dealing with Drugs, Crime Prevention and the Law in relation to child protection and the Internet. Dates and Venue for these talks is to be confirmed.

Last week, it was learned from the Gardai in Dalkey that compared with last year crime is down but they would be still quite concerned about burglaries in the area. They also mentioned that they are getting greater co-operation from the public. They received phone calls giving information that proved very helpful. Inspector Pat Ward, the recently appointed Inspector to Dalkey is very keen to have an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Dalkey. For this to happen, more volunteers representing streets, roads, residents associations etc. are needed. To this end, we urge anyone interested in revitalising what was once a very active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Dalkey to contact the Community Council where perhaps we might work together with the benefit of the community.

Best of luck to all those sitting exams this month. You are wished the very best for your future happiness and we also spare a thought for Mum and Dad at this time!

I am delighted to present the report of the Functions Committee. We have enjoyed another very successful year.

The Annual Dinner -Saturday, 24th May -was held in the Northover Hall, St. Patrick's, Harbour Road -our thanks to St. Patrick's for allowing us to use the hall free of charge. A most enjoyable evening, attended by Community Council members past and present. Guest speaker, journalist and broadcaster, Bruce Arnold, entertained us with stories of his connections with Dalkey.

Garden Outing -Friday, 11th July -a bus, packed to capacity, took us to visit the magnificent Japanese Gardens and National Stud in Co. Kildare. All agreed 'twas a most enjoyable day.

Garden Judging: this annual competition was judged this year by Letitia Lefroy and Hilda Madden and we are very grateful to them for all their hard work. There was a very high standard of most attractive gardens, but the number of entries was slightly down on last year. We would hope to see more people participating next year. Thanks to Norah Hart for the delightful lunch and to our drivers.

Garden Reception & Awards Ceremony 4th October: There was a very large attendance at Our Lady's Hall for this prize giving ceremony to garden winners and other special recipients. Judges, Letitia Lefroy and Hilda Madden, gave an account of the garden competition.
The McCabe Cup was awarded to Brian Cork, who brought honour to Dalkey by winning three medals at the Special Olympics.
The Community Council Cup was awarded to James Mackey, in recognition of his legal advice so readily given to the Council for many years.

Canapes and wine were prepared and served by the Functions committee. Congratulations to all.

Annual Art Exhibition -21st-23rd November -Our Lady's Hall- we were delighted to have the Exhibition opened by David Evans, alias The Edge from U2, who is a Dalkey resident. The Exhibition attracted many visitors over the weekend with nineteen paintings and sixteen wood carvings being sold. My appreciation of all who helped set up and staff this exhibition. Finally, I want to thank all the functions committee for their hard work and good humour: Ursula Brooks, Peggy Comerford, Berri Curtin,Colette Doody, Lena Feeley, Norah Hart, Laura Doyle and Maura Murray.

Margaret Farrell

  • Plant out half hardy annuals
  • In hot weather damp down the greenhouse floor to cool and humidify
  • Pinch out the side shoots of tomatoes and tie in as required
  • You can still plant container plants to fill any unexpected gaps
  • Dead head plants if you don't require to save seed this will give more energy to produce more flowers
  • Give hedges their first cut
  • Sow biennials
  • Lift and either divide and replant or store string bulbs
  • Prune and deadhead spring flowering shrubs
  • Keep on top of mowing and weeding
  • Don't let pests build on plants, stray as necessary to control or cut out infected growth

Remember: June is one of the best months in the garden, everything has a fresh look about it, colours are clear and foliage is at its finest.



As June was named in honour of the Goddess of Juno who as the patroness of women, marriage and the home, it is a popular month for weddings.

Married in the month of roses (June) -Life will be one long honeymoon

It also sees us celebrate Midsummer. On Midsummer Eve many people across Europe would celebrate by lighting bonfires which were originally believed to honour the sun. Here in Ireland some people believe that on Midsummer Eve your soul leaves your body and visits the place where you will eventually die.

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance"

Bern Williams

Dalkey Community Council 25th Annual Garden Competition

This competition is open to everyone in the Community Council area. There are several prizes including four Perpetual Cups. In addition to nomination for the "Surprise" Garden section there are the following categories:

  • Best Overall Garden
  • Best Front Garden -visible from the road
  • Best Display -window boxes, hanging baskets, flower troughs and pots
  • Best Communal Garden/Open Space

Judging this year will take place on Wednesday, 9th June, 04 and entries should be submitted not later than Wednesday 2nd June 2004 on the form below and placed in the box in Our Lady's Hall.

Garden Competition Entry Form

I/we wish to enter for (please tick chosen categories)

  • Overall Garden
  • Display -window boxes, hanging baskets etc.
  • Front Garden -visible from the road
  • Communal Garden /Open Space



Signature:........................................................ Date: .......................................................

Please print your entry and post in box in Our Lady's Hall, Castle Street, Dalkey

  • The earth is not entirely round it flattens slightly at the north and south poles and bulges at the Equator.
  • The Equator is an imaginary line round the middle of the earth.
  • The distance around the Equator is 24,904 miles.
  • The earth weighs 6,000 million, million, million tonnes !
  • Nearly three quarters of the earth's surface is covered by water.
  • There is more land to the north of the Equator than the south.
  • Most people live in the countries to the north of the Equator

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is organising free collections of Hazardous Waste items such as: Aerosols, Paints, Strippers, Thinners, Batteries, Fluorescent Thbes, Insecticides, Old Medicines, Cleaning Agents, Detergents, Bleaches and Waste Oils.

These hazardous wastes SHOULD NOT be presented with normal household waste for landfill.

A Cara Chemcar truck will be located at Our Lady's Girls' National School, Ballinteer Avenue on Saturday, 12th June between 9am and Ipm and 2pm to 5pm. It is very difficult to predict the amount of hazardous waste being deposited so unfortunately once the Chemcar truck is full on the day no more items can be accepted.

For further information please telephone 2054817, e-mail or check our website


Father's Day Chocolate Mousse Cake:

l2oz chocolate, 6oz orange juice, 8 eggs, 8oz caster sugar.

Filling: 1/2 pint double cream, 1 tablespoon brandy, 6oz chocolate.

Topping: 1/4 pint milk, 2oz chocolate, 3oz caster sugar, 2oz butter.

Method: Preheat oven to 400°fm 200c, gas mark 6. Line three 8 inch sandwich tins. Break chocolate into pieces and melt, add the orange juice. Separate the eggs and whisk the yolks with the sugar until light and fluffy, gradually mix in the melted chocolate mixture. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and carefully fold into the chocolate mixture. Pour equal amounts into the three sandwich tins. Bake at the top of the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. Allow to cool and then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely, cover with a damp cloth.

Filling: Whisk together the double cream and brandy until almost stiff then add the melted chocolate, mixing thoroughly. Chill the filling in the fridge until ready to use.

Topping: Put milk, chocolate and sugar into a pan, heat gently until chocolate melts and boil rapidly for two minutes. Remove from heat and beat in the butter, allow to cool then place in the fridge to stiffen before using. Assemble: Sandwich two cake layers together with half the cream mixture, spread remaining cream on top and place the third cake on top. Spread topping to cover the whole of the cake. Chill before serving-

CIRCLE - Iris Hesselden

Slow down the seasons, they're turning too fast!
Spring is delightful, but quickly slips past,
Summer is beautiful, peaches and cream,
Long days and holidays pass like a dream,

Autumn comes swiftly, with russet and red,
A glorious canopy over my head,

Winter comes creeping soon, misty and chill,
Lights in the city, and snow on the hills
The circle keeps spinning, the year rushing past,
Slow down the seasons, they're turning too fast!!

From The Fireside Book of David Hope 2003

World Environment Day Sat 5th June
Bank Holiday Mon 7th June
Alexander Graham Bell makes his first voice transmission

3rd June 1875

World Oceans Day Tues 8th June
Allied Troops land at Normandy D-Day Tues 6th June 1944`
First human blood transfusion - 15 year old boy 12th June 1667
Gas mask patented by Lewis Haslett 12th June 1949
The Walt Disney firm, Bambi was released 14th June 1942
Father's Day Sun 20th June
Blooms Day Wed 16th June
C Blondin crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope 30 th June 1859

Storytelling for children aged 3-6 years old takes place each Thursday between 3.30pm and 4pm in Dalkey Library.

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