NEWSLETTER NO. 342 Volume 11
Bealtaine (May) 2005

May: Probably named for Maia Majesta, the Roman Goddess of Spring. Also dedicated to Ceres, the Goddess of Grain'.

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers !

Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, 1557

Flower: Hawthorne & Lily of the Valley

Dalkey Community Council Annual Collection
The Community Council would like to thank all residents who have contributed to the Council’s annual collection through the brown envelope last month. Your generosity is most appreciated, as without your help the Community Council could not bring the Newsletter, Christmas Tree and many other activities to the town. To those who may still wish to contribute please contact you road representative whose name and address is on the back of this Newsletter. Once again, many thanks.

An EGM of the Dalkey Community Council was held prior to the normal monthly meeting on Monday, 4 April.
The EGM was to discuss the conversion of Dalkey Community Council to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Following discussion and clarification of some issues the vote was unanimous and Dalkey Community Council will become Dalkey Community Council LIMITED. This measure was deemed a necessary protection due to the litigious nature of today’s society. However there will be no change to the ethos of the Council and it will continue to be ‘business as usual’.
The monthly meeting was then convened

Neighbourhood Watch:

The AGM was held on 23 March where some 120 individuals attended including the Community Council’s representative. The Gardai are anxious that NHW should be regenerated. It was stated that the introduction of NHW on an estate in Killiney which suffered some 19 burglaries in 2000 was down to five in 2004 which shows the effectiveness of the scheme.
Anyone who would like to be involved with Neighbourhood Watch or who has any ideas which would help ‘kick start’ the scheme again please let us know – Ed.

The lack of the DART at weekends during the summer will create difficulties once again, however the Centre hopes to put in a place a ‘plan of action’ to encourage visitors to make the trip to Dalkey.
There will be Guided Walks from April through to September around Dalkey starting in Dun Laoghaire.

Judging for the Garden Competition will take place on Tuesday, 7 June, closing date is Friday, 20 May (entry form inside – Ed).
The annual Garden Outing will take place in mid-July however further details will be announced in an upcoming edition of the Newsletter.

Tidy Towns:
The consequence of pay-by-weight for our refuse is causing an upsurge in ‘fly tipping’ i.e. the dumping of household rubbish around the town and elsewhere. This is becoming a problem not just from an unsightly point-of-view but also a health issue. You are asked to be vigilant and if you see anyone dumping his/her household rubbish please contact Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council immediately (free phone 1800 403 503). Please do not let the town and its environs become a refuse dump! The voluntary clean-ups will commence in June. Please watch Our Lady’s Hall for details.
As there was no further business the meeting ended.


Anyone for Community Games?
Last chance for this year – please contact us by putting your name, address, telephone number and date of birth along with your chosen discipline in the Dalkey Community Council post box in Our Lady’s Hall.

Dalkey Dashers
The Dalkey Dashers have commenced training for the Community Games. Training takes place every Wednesday evening from 7pm until 8pm in the Loreto Dalkey school hockey pitches. Everyone between 6 and 18 years living in the Dalkey area are welcome. This year there is a one off fee of €5 to register instead of the weekly fee to cover costs.


I think I can say with confidence that since last year’s Annual Report, Dalkey Tidy Towns has sat up and been noticed. Thanks to the support of the local community and DLRCoCo we have achieved unbelievable successes.
The first achievement was the successful upgrading of the Castlepark/Ulverton Road entry to Dalkey project, very impressive and well timed for the judging period.
The second break through was the public support of our litter patrols. With helpers wearing identify vests these were very successful and took place two and often three times each week between June and September. Also, most of the local organisations we approached, patrolled either their own patch or an area in need of help, and we displayed photographs of them in action. Here I must thank the Dalkey Credit Union who funded a Tidy Towns notice board and allow us to hang it in their window.
The third milestone was the success and media coverage we gained from entering the Tidy Districts Competition for our area. An Environmentalist and Best Presented Category Award were one thing but when Dalkey was announced Overall Winner and presented with a cup we were just overwhelmed.
Last month we won First Prize in the Environmental Section in the DLRCoCo Community Awards, another memorable achievement.
During the year we have supported the Community Council and the Business Association and this of course works both ways. The year round floral decorations and the Christmas lights are a great asset to the town.
We have held a Recycling Workshop and a Public Meeting to promote Tidy Towns; made a substantial contribution to organising the Christmas event; and recently our chairman gave an excellent presentation to DARA on composting.
Our marks in the national competition have improved slightly. We are working on the constructive criticism received in the report. There is a long way to go.
In conclusion I ask our community to help us keep the momentum going. The sky is the limit.

Tidy Towns Rep


Dalkey NW scheme is one of the four sub districts that make up the Neighbourhood Watch “F” District. During 2004 meetings were held bi-monthly in Park House Dun Laoghaire to share information and discuss crime figures.

In February 2004 Sergeant Majella Lynch and Inspector Pat Ward addressed the members of DCC and gave an outline of Community policing and crime preventions methods. It is the view of the Gardai that when a community is alert to potential crime problems and co-operate with the authorities crime can be prevented or at the very least minimised.

NW arranged talks for the public on abuse of drugs and how the combination of drugs and alcohol can account for a lot of aggression today leading to extreme violence in some cases. More talks will take place this year again on topics of Community Policing and Crime Prevention.

The newly formed Cycle Units are proving very successful as they can access places like the Metals and narrow lanes around the area. In their role of detecting crime they are a good PR asset for the Gardai as they can relate to the younger community and build up a relationship of trust with them.

Burglaries and theft from cars are the most common crimes committed in Dalkey. Criminal damage is another common crime but this is due in a large number of cases as a result of public order offences. Dalkey would be considered “rich pickings” for the would-be thief but in many cases carelessness makes it all too easy for a crime to be committed. Simple measures such, as a good alarm system is a worthwhile investment and one that is switched on when appropriate. An alarm that goes off frequently is a nuisance. Quality locks on doors and shut windows and a key left with a trustworthy neighbour all help to minimise break-ins. A pendant for the elderly can afford that extra bit of security especially when living alone.

There are 3 Community Gardai in Dalkey, Garda Arthur O’Neill who has responsibility for the town down to each harbour, Garda Marie Barry who covers the Burmah Road, Hillside and Sandycove area and Garda Declan Hayes who covers the area from Avondale Road to Killiney Hill and village and onto the Graduate on Rochestown Avenue. With the active assistance of the community the Gardai can prevent crime and keep the figures down so Dalkey will remain the safe place that it is today and hopefully in the future. NW Rep

Cook's Kitchen

Cherry Almond Bars:

90g butter,
teaspoon grated lemon rind,
75g caster sugar,
egg yolk,
150g flour,
55g blanched almonds,
70g glace cherries,
250g chocolate (melted).

Beat butter, rind, sugar and yolk until smooth. Stir in sifted flour, almonds and cherries. Shape the mixture into a roll, wrap in foil and keep in the fridge until firm. When firm cut the roll into slices and bake for approximately 15 minutes (gas mark 4, 350ºf, 180ºc) or until lightly browned. Cool. Dip half of each biscuit in the melted chocolate. Leave to set.

Florentine Slice:

185g chocolate (melted),
120g sultanas,
160g crushed corn flakes,
75g chopped almonds,
60g chopped glace cherries,
160ml sweetened condensed milk.

Line baking tray with parchment paper. Spread melted chocolate on parchment paper and allow to set. Combine all other ingredients, mixing well. Cover chocolate base with mixture and bake for approximately 15 minutes (gas mark 4, 350ºf, 180ºc). Allow to cool in baking tray and then place in fridge until set.


With the ‘pay-by-weight’ charges now in force composting is becoming a new way of life for a lot of us. By composting we reduce waste not just to landfill but to our ‘pay-by-weight’ bin thereby saving, not just the environment, but some of our hard-earned money! When the compost is ready then you also save on buying compost for the garden – so everyone’s a winner. Read on as to what you can and cannot compost:

  • Vegetable and fruit peelings
  • Tea leaves, coffee grounds and crushed egg shells
  • Grass cuttings
  • Hair – family or pet
  • Paper (with soft cardboard should be shredded and added in small amounts, to include egg boxes)
  • Leaves and prunings (leaves decompose slowly, prunings should be finely chopped or shredded)
  • Vacuum dust from woollen carpets but not from synthetic carpets.


  • Meat whether cooked or raw.
  • Disposable nappies
  • Shiny card or brightly coloured paper
  • Hard objects such as stone, metal, glass, plastic,
  • Cleaning fluids of any kind.


To start your compost bin off:

  1. Layer the bottom with twigs and coarse material, this will allow air in at the base.
  2. Alternate layers of grass and kitchen organic waste should be put on top.
  3. Small amounts of paper can be added to provide carbon. In summer when there is more grass, layers of wet shredded newspaper can be added.
  4. Soil can also be added from time to time to provide micro-organisms.
  5. Adding manure from time to time will also provide nitrogen needed by the organisms.
    This all provides a good mix of greens and browns

Courtesy of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council


Now the bright morning-star, Day’s harbinger,
Comes dancing from the East, and leads with her
The flowery May, who from her green lap throws
The yellow cowslip and the pale primrose.
Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire
Mirth, and youth, and warm desire!
Woods and groves are of thy dressing;
Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing.
Thus we salute thee with our early song,
And welcome thee, and wish thee long.

John Milton, 1660


Dalkey Community Council, having adopted as their official website, has formed a web/sub-committee and already much progress has been made. We hope you enjoy the new DCC image of Regular and new visitors will no doubt be happy with the added addition of a Site Search facility and Site Map (an A to Z listing of sub sectioned articles). In keeping with this newsletter a new section will be devoted solely to Forthcoming Events and we already have a calendar of events for 2005 which lists all the events for the year which we know about thus far, see An online form is available to facilitate local clubs, societies, schools, Institutions etc., to send us information regarding their backgrounds, activities, web links if any and forthcoming dates they want advertised.

We would especially like to receive articles and/or photographs that people may have in their possession, which can be added to the site to assist locals and visitors interested in Dalkey, which might be of interest. We have added an extensive Links page. Are there other relevant links you would like to see included? We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s wishes.
If you don’t wish to use the online form please send your contribution to:

Gerard Coakley

Dalkey Community Council,
C/o Our Lady’s Hall,
Castle Street,


21, Ard Mhuire Park,
Dalkey Avenue,
Co. Dublin.
Tel: 01-2850460/2350067
Mobile: 087-2209361

  • Plant out summer bedding plants towards the end of the month.
  • Support herbaceous plants while they are small.
  • Apply a selective weed and moss killer to weedy lawns.
  • Mow the lawn regularly, water if necessary and remove odd perennial weeds by hand or cut through them with a knife. Regular mowing, removing all grass cuttings as you mow and feeding several times a year achieve the best lawns.
  • Feed daffodil bulbs to build up next year’s flowers.
  • Plant up hanging baskets, include long lasting slow release fertilizer and water retaining granules in your basket compost. This will save the task of having to include a liquid feed when you water and watering should be slightly reduced.
  • Lift early potatoes, there is nothing quite like the taste of home grown early potatoes.
  • Summer is not far away, it may be necessary to make good any rainfall deficit.
  • If both March and April have been very dry months there is a risk of a frost in early May.
  • Keep on top of weeds by hoeing, never let them get too large or flower, always remove the roots of perennial weeds
  • Watch out for Vine Weevil damage in container plants, grubs hatch in spring and eat the roots.

This competition is open to everyone in the Community Council area. There are several prizes including four Perpetual Cups. In addition to nomination for the "Surprise" Garden section there are the following categories:

  • Best Overall Garden
  • Best Front Garden -visible from the road
  • Best Display -window boxes, hanging baskets, flower troughs and pots
  • Best Communal Garden/Open Space

Judging this year will take place on Tuesday, 7th June and entries should be submitted not later than Friday, 20th May 2005 on the form below and placed in the box in Our Lady's Hall. (presentation of prizes will take place on Friday, 16 September)



I/we wish to enter for (please tick)

  • Overall Garden
  • Front Garden -visible from the road
  • Display -window boxes, hanging baskets etc.
  • Communal Garden / Open Space

Tel No.............................................................................................................

Please print your entry and post in box in Our Lady's Hall, Castle Street, Dalkey

Zambia Immersion Project

A special thank you to all who left in articles for the students travelling to Zambia. The orphans were delighted with their little gifts and we will be hearing from the boys soon.


The folk celebrations of early May in Europe began as a celebration of life and fertility, the time for planting of crops and vegetable gardens, and for the regeneration of life that comes with increased sunlight. In fact, Beltane is derived from the Celtic word for "brilliant fire. "Many of the so-called folk or pagan festivals and days of observance were tied to the solar and lunar cycles and the great cycles of life. By the start of May, most trees are in full leaf, many Spring flowers are in bloom and the Earth is brimming with both plant and animal life taking advantage of the high sun levels and ever warmer temperatures. The longer daylight hours allows us to take advantage of the natural light for both work and play


It is that time of year when there will be a large increase in the number of tourists visiting our shores. If you know of any tourist falling victim to crime while here please refer them to the local Garda Station where they will be referred to the Tourist Victim Support Service (open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sundays and national holidays 12pm to 6pm). There they will receive appropriate support and practical assistance. Please note that ALL referrals to the Tourist Victim Support Service must go through the Gardai.


Monday, 9 May – John Lennon will present his lecture “Ireland’s Postage Stamps” at 8pm to the Dundrum and District History Society in the Dom Marmion Hall, Sandyford Road, Dundrum. Admission Euro3.
Wednesday, 11 May – Doctor Sharon Green will present her lecture “Medieval Jewellery” at 8pm to the Ballybrack and Killiney Historical Society in the Parochial Hall, SS Alphonsus and Columba Church, Ballybrack. Admission Euro2.
Tuesday, 17 May – Padraig Laffan will present his lecture “Dublin – The Days of Horses” at 8pm to the Foxrock Local History Club in the Foxrock Community Centre, rear of Foxrock Catholic Church. The same night Liam Downey will present a short talk on “Prehistoric Copper Mining”. Admission Euro3.
Wednesday, 18 May – Tom Geraghty will present his lecture “Dublin Fire Brigade” and the “Pearse Street Tragedy of 1936” at 8pm to the Dun Laoghaire Borough Historical Society in the Kingston Hotel, Dun Laoghaire.


Airfield Gardens:
Upper Kilmacud Road, Dundrum – five acres of ornamental gardens. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm.
Ardgillan Castle & Gardens: Balbriggan – 18th century manor in wooded seaside landscape. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm in July and August open each day.
Newbridge House and Farm: Donabate, Co. Dublin - Built in 1737 and extended in 1760, house with farm. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sundays 2pm to 6pm.
Skerries Watermill & Windmills:
Skerries – working16th century grain mills. Open daily 10.30am to 5.30pm.


  • Commencement of Coliemore Harbour Pumping Station
  • Coastal Plan Phase 2 – Sandycove to County Boundary
  • Preparation of Draft Special Amenity Area Order for Killiney Hill/Dalkey Hill/Roches Hill

    In addition the Obelisk and two other structures on Killiney Hill will be restored and conserved based on the recommendations of a consultant conservation architect. Grants are being sought from the Heritage Council and the Department of the Environment, Heritage and local government in 2005. Commencement of this project and timescale will be subject to grant approval.

Courtesy of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

May in the Library

Book Club

The book to read for the meeting on Saturday 7th May @ 10.30am is “ The Lady in White” by Wilkie Collins.

Dalkey Writers meet every second Thursday in Dalkey Library from 6pm – 7.45pm

Storytelling every Thursday from 3.30pm-4.00pm in Dalkey Library for children aged 3-6. Any parents who would like to volunteer in the regular story time sessions please contact the library.

Celebrating Bealtaine
Bealtaine is an annual nationwide festival celebrating creativity in older age throughout the month of May. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries will host an exciting programme of events for adults including author visits by Brian Keenan, Paul Howard and Jennifer Johnston, the annual Active Age Table Quiz and the numerous workshops on art, gardening and local history.

For full details of all events, see the Bealtaine leaflet available in the local library and on the website,

Wednesday, 4 May from 11am to 1pm – Flower arranging for beginners with Jacqui Matthews (maximum 10 people), bring your own scissors! – Dalkey Library.
Thursday, 5 May at 7pm – Brian Keenan, author of An Evil Cradling and Four Quarters of Light – Cabinteely Library (admission free but obtain ticket from library prior to that date).
Wednesday, 11 May at 11am – “Embroideries of the World”, talk by Mary Coleman, illustrated with antique pieces – Dalkey Library.
Tuesday, 24 May at 7pm – Jennifer Johnston, author of such books as Captains and Kings and Grace and Truth – Dalkey Library (admission free but obtain ticket from library prior to that date).
Saturday, 28 May from 11am to12.30pm – Digital Camera Workshop (tips on how to take better photos with Robbie Hunt – maximum 15 people) – Dun Laoghaire Library.


Congratulations and well done to those residents on Sorrento Drive and Ardeevin Road who succeeded in preventing the erection of a new signal mast on the Ardeevin Road side of the railway bank. It had been proposed that this signal mast was scheduled to accommodate telephonic antennae. Concerned residents made their voices heard to Iarnrod Eireann, Vodafone, our local councillors and TD’s, ministers and other concerned bodies. Following representations from several of our local councillors, TD’s and ministers along with other interested parties, including the Community Council and the residents, a letter was received from Mr. Joe Meagher, Managing Director of Iarnrod Eireann stating:
“ In view of representations which have been made in respect of this site the matter has been reconsidered and we will not now be proceeding with the Vodafone proposal.”
Well done and many thanks to all concerned.

Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Historical Garden Tour to Anglesey:
The first tour of 2005 is the Garden Tour on May 17th & 18th. There are a number of gardens on the itinerary, all of rare and varied beauty. A particular highlight will be Plas Newydd, a national trust property with an 18th century mansion and a rhododendron and azalea garden. Guests will stay in the exclusive and luxurious Tre Ysgawen Hotel and Spa. The cost is €215 which is fully inclusive, ferry, coach, guide, dinner, B/B and lunches. There may be vacancies left as we go to print. The Historic Tours will continue in June, July, August and September. They have been very successful, very enjoyable, very good value at a breakeven price. Why not gather a few friends and head off to explore what our neighbours have to offer?

Living History Day:
Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre and Deilg Inis Theatre Co are introducing a Living History Day in Dalkey every Wednesday from May onwards, to bring local history to colourful life in the form of characters from the past in full period costume. St Begnet, medieval archers, maids, merchants and the Victorian Quarry workers will all feature.
Guided Walks continue in Dalkey from May to September on three days per week and from Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel on Saturdays. Local hostelries in Dalkey will give discounts for lunch as part of the package.

Dalkey Tourism:
The Heritage Centre is currently part of a marketing initiative to promote Dalkey as a destination. The new Map is now available with a complete listing of the scenic amenities, walks, activities, events, facilities and most businesses in Dalkey. You can pick up your free copy in the local shops and the Heritage Centre. Dart closure again at weekends: the battle continues with Iarnród Éireann to postpone taking the Darts off at weekends until all planning permissions are in place.

Story Gathering is continuing:
The Heritage Centre is anxious to save the stories around the life experiences in Dalkey of the older generation. A pool of people with interesting stories to tell is being built. If you know of people who would be willing to share their stories (even on a one-to–one basis) about life in Dalkey back through the years, please drop a note into the Heritage Centre with name and tel number. It is intended to build up an archive from them

Art Exhibitions:
The Gallery continues to be a popular place for Art Exhibitions and there are only two slots available for this year.
May 5th -8th -Vulcan & the Icons: an exhibition of ceramics from Jim Turner & Etain Hickey.
May 19th -22nd - An exhibition of paintings from Marie Sheridan & Deirdre Kearney.

Pilates continues on Monday evenings in the Heritage Centre
Karate sessions for all age groups take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Town Hall from 6 to 9pm
Funk Hip Hop Dance classes also on Monday evenings in the Town Hall
St Patrick's will stage The 'Loves of Cass Maguire' in April in the Town Hall
Dalkey Players reherse on Tuesdays and Thursdays.They are currently working on 'Dancing at Lughnasa' for the Pavilion Theatre in June
The Fresh Food Markets continue on Friday momings in the Town Hall. The markets continue to increase in popularity and are bringing increased footfall into Dalkey on Fridays. They stock the best of Irish produce and have the added seasonal benefit of being indoors.
For more details on any of the above Contact the Heritage Centre at 285 8366




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