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Dalkey Ladies Club        
Dalkey Ladies Club - 45 years.  

In 1960 the then Dalkey Arts and Crafts Club opened in the kitchen of the Coliemore Hotel (later the Dalkey Island Hotel and now apartments) as Detta Cullen, one of the founders of the Club, owned the hotel and lived there with her family.

In time, this arrangement became inconvenient and the Club moved first to a bed and breakfast on the Coliemore Road and then to Epworth Hall before settling on their current venue -Our Lady's Hall.
Our Lady's Hall must have seemed luxurious after the trials of Epworth Hall where, each Thursday afternoon, a member had to go down to stoke up a large, ancient boiler after other members had driven into Dublin to collect bags of coke.

Despite these difficulties the Club prospered and soon established a drama group and a choir both of which competed against groups from all over the country.

As the Club grew in strength it also grew in influence and was in the forefront of the movement to improve some of the public services in Dalkey. In due course these efforts resulted in the establishment of Dalkey Community Council that is now such a significant organisation in the area.

Every Thursday for 45 years, the Club has continued to provide an interesting and entertaining programme. Members can look forward to authors, artists, actors, political figures, historians, adventurers and many others.

New members are always welcome -just come to Our Lady's Hall at 8pm on Thursday evenings. .

R. Callaghan