Local Issue

Curve Devco Ltd (Builder) has received full planning permission from An Bord Pleanála in April 2018 to build a 50 unit apartment block (5 storeys high) in the protected woodland and grounds sold by Castlepark school and currently accessed by Castlepark road.

  • DLRCC had previously refused permission for the development (Aug 2017) citing concerns about the size, height and scale of the proposal and the impact it would have on the future needs of the school.
  • An Bord Pleanála also refused to grant planning permission for the previous proposal citing concerns about the removal of the mature trees on the site.

Despite the initial consensus reached, an appeal by the builder was met and granted full permission to proceed. The news has created shock and concern for local people in our community.
The only recourse now is a judicial review of the An Bord Plenála decision to grant permission.

What did local residents do to protect our community?

The Lucey family of Castle Close are taking a judicial review (early Dec 2018) on behalf of the local community. Albeit very expensive this is the only route to stop the development.

How can you help?

Donate online to gofundme/castlepark-campaign
Or electronic transfer to Bank of Ireland BIC BOFIIE2D IBAN IE80BOFI90111616489365
Or write a cheque made payable to Castlepark Campaign
Information & Fundraising Events will be organised with the help of community volunteers. If you can assist, please contact concretewoodland@gmail.com

What are the key concerns?

  • The height, scale, architecture and density of the development is not appropriate for Dalkey residential area.
  • Traffic Hazard – Volume construction traffic combined with school traffic at peak times.
  • Noise Pollution – 4 to 5 years of drilling and chemical usage to remove large granite boulders
  • Loss of Woodland Birds & Wildlife habitat – Minimum 53% of mature trees are to be removed
  • Construction Site access for heavy vehicles – Castlelands cul-de-sac off Hyde Rd 8 to 7pm weekdays and Saturdays until 2pm.
  • Safety issue – large heavy construction vehicles in residential area/chemical blasting

This Castlelands Development will go ahead unless the judicial review is successful. We need to raise funds locally to support fighting this.